We offer bridal packages for the wedding day with or without trial

Are you coming to our destination before your wedding day? Are you thinking to taking a bridal trial? WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!

To do a trial is highly recommended. We will be able to see your hair and your skin in person. This helps us to choose the right products for your big day or identify possible issues us allergic reactions to some cosmetics or hair products.

We recommend doing it in the morning so you can test the durability of the hairstyle or makeup under the humidity and the heat of this tropical climate.

We will ask you to find some inspo pics on Instagram or Pinterest that resonate with your style. Only check out the makeup and hair look on models with skin tones and hair colors similar to yours, please.

We will need your hair clean and dry please. The best for us is you has washed it the night before and do not apply any hair product, as leaving conditioners, hair creams, oils, antifrizz etc.

On the trial we will apply any styling product that you need. The bridal hair services including the premium brand Moroccanoil, so you can be sure that your hair will be very cared and protected during the styling process on the trial as on the wedding day.

*Hair extensions application is not included on the trial rate, but we can apply the extensions if you bring it with an extra cost. We need you are sure that it is from natural hair, or we could not use our hair hot tools on it.  

We will need your skin clean. We are going to do a prep skin with serums, moisturizer cream and primers.

You will need to apply a dermatological sunscreen since you get off the plane. The sun burns stronger in Mexico, and you should have to drink a lot and lot of water, especially on the days close to the wedding. We recommend avoiding the Margaritas 🙂 the night before of the big day. Alcohol dehydrated the body, and your skin can feel undesirably dry.

For the days before our appointment, you can do hydrating facials, but peels or deep cleaning facials aren’t recommended in the weeks before the trial or the wedding.

Airbrush makeup is including on Bridal makeup rates. We highly recommend you use it on wedding day. Airbrush deliver a flawless finish with superior no caked coverage and a natural look. It is long lasting for at least 10 hours and resist the humidity and the tropical heat, even if you sweat.  We use the premium brand Temptu Pro that is a vegan and not tested on animals. It is a paraben free, sulfates free, Mineral oils free and gluten free makeup. (You can check more information on the website https://www.temptupro.com).

*Fake eyelashes are including on makeup rate. You could choose individuals or strip lashes.

On the chair

We want you feel 100% comfortable and confident leaving our chair.

We need you to let us know the look that you have on mind and share your preferences with us. Tell about your wedding dress and accessories please. Every detail is important for us.

We will start creating your wedding look! And we will need you let us know you would like us to change anything at all. We will not be offended if you want us to adjust anything. If you want more blush, less blush, more defined eyebrows or different texture on your hair. Trial is the perfect time to discuss all this details. Probably we won’t have time for that on the wedding day.

On trial day we will also take some photos and videos as a reference for the wedding day.

Trial takes us between 2 hours and 2 hours and half and include to test just one makeup look and one hairstyle look.  Only in the case you had hired retouch wedding services or hair and makeup services for different ceremonies we could test 2 looks.

Should I go to the trial with my friends?

We recommend you come alone to the trial or just with one trusted people whose taste aligns with yours. We need you very focus on to provide feedback to us and sometimes when several friends come to the trial the focus can be on other conversations that distract us.

Also, too many contrasting opinions about the look be able create confusion.

Keep in mind that we recommend wearing your hair up. Loose or wavy hairstyles lasting less time in this humidity environment. Especially from April to November can be 80-98% humidity.

We want you feel comfortable with your wedding makeup and hair look. We want you recognize yourself and feel really very pretty. Also, we wish you look amazing on the photos.

If you are thinking on wearing a veil or a headdress on your wedding, we would love to test it on the trial. Don’t forget to bring it to the appointment if you have already bought when you come to meet us.